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Archive for December, 2012 – Madras Pavilion provides the assurance of quality cuisine and traditional culinary expertise. Madras Pavilion has five restaurant locations Houston, Richardson, Austin, San Antonio and Sugar Land. Madras Pavilion is committed to preserving a culture, tradition and standard in culinary tastes that a Madras Pavilion would appreciate. If you are looking for a quality Indian Food restaurant that offers fine dining for Indian Cuisine, come visit us for an experience you will never forget.
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Those of you who know me know that I consider Himalaya one of those ‘must eat at’ places, when in Houston. I am passionate about this place. Superb cuisine in an Indo-Pak fashion
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Gabriela at Yanni’s Greek Restaurant- Houston TX

Gabriela at Yanni's Greek Restaurant- Houston TX

Performing with wings of isis to live greek band.
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Brad Meyer, restaurant critic for Houston Community Newspapers, and humorist Mark Hayter discuss their recent meal at Rex Steakhouse in Conroe, TX. The sound quality is a bit shabby because for the first time in months there was a strong rain and we were in a tin building. Had time permitted, we’d have held off until the rain stopped, but Mark needed to get home before it got dark. He’s either afraid of vampires or can’t see to drive at night — take your pick. Check out the print review at the Conroe Courier website.

Christmas Day Bomber Wiki | Christmas Day Restaurants Houston | Christmas Day Truce Kids Christmas Day Bomber Wiki | Christmas Day Restaurants Houston | Christmas Day Truce Kids “HI, I’m Colleen Mullaney for, and you know, with the holidays approaching, I love to fill my outdoor planters with evergreens to greet my holiday guests. It’s a great touch of seasonal color, and it’s really easy to do. Just empty out your planters, and you either go around your yard and get evergreens, or you can go to your local nursery and fill up a couple of bundles. And, what I’ve done here is I’ve just started with the base, I started with a base of evergreens. Just kind of, you know, make sure it’s even. And, just snip along as you go. And, you know, I love to use a variety of different greens. So, these are great juniper branches that I have on top of my Aborvitaes and my cedars. I love the berries, they’re so beautiful, they add a little pop of color and also texture. There we go. And again, just keep on filling it up as you go. There we are. And, I love, you know, the touches of yellow, the light greens, the dark greens. It all makes it really interesting, and it’s really great seasonal color. And then, once you have your base started, start coming up into your planter. And, to do that, I have some ivy that I’ve picked from my backyard, and it has the berries on it. I love this for the holidays. It’s so fresh – the color – and it’s so interesting. Here we go. Oh, it looks so great. And, I have some Boxwood as well. I love Boxwood. It’s such a
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What Is Open Christmas Day In Paris | Christmas Day Restaurants Houston | Christmas Day 2013 Movie R What Is Open Christmas Day In Paris | Christmas Day Restaurants Houston | Christmas Day 2013 Movie Releases “First I’ll be talking about gift ideas for boyfriends. Another what not to get would be a course a bath and body works item. That seems to be mainly a womens store. I don’t think guys like lotions and body sprays very much. Men like to smell good and they like to wear cologne and everything but when you are talking about bath salts and things like that, they usually don’t like it. Like even if you’re thinking about getting them a foot bath that probably wouldn’t be a good idea unless they are begging you just for one. That would probably would not be the right gift but it all depends on your budget.” What Is Open Christmas Day In Paris | Christmas Day Restaurants Houston | Christmas Day 2013 Movie Releases

Glass Wall Restaurant AT&T Promo

Glass Wall Restaurant AT&T Small Business Promo Spot
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Carmelo’s Restaurant

Carmelo's Restaurant

A great place to book your next event. Meet Carmelo at Houston’s Bridal Extravaganza Show.
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Restaurants Open On Christmas Day In New York | Grocery Stores Open Christmas Day In Houston | Chris Restaurants Open On Christmas Day In New York | Grocery Stores Open Christmas Day In Houston | Christmas Day Restaurants Open “One of the most popular items of today for teenagers is ipods or mp3 players, zooms. Just different music and media players. They are so popular because this day of age, teenagers are into technology so much and they depend on it for everything. So a ipod would be a great gift and I believe that your teenager would absolutely love it. If your teenage girl already has an ipod, a good thing to get here would be a cute ipod holder. You can find them with alarm clocks, you can even find a ipod case. Just whatever accessory a ipod has, then that would also be a great gift. Like I’m sure they have very cute headphones or just anything for a ipod would be a good gift for a young teenage girl.” Restaurants Open On Christmas Day In New York | Grocery Stores Open Christmas Day In Houston | Christmas Day Restaurants Open
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Restaurants Open On Christmas Day In Houston | Gustav Holst Christmas Day Youtube | Christmas Day Football Schedule 2012 “Hi, this is Ashley with Expert Village. I’ll be discussing different gifts for your grandfather. A very multi purpose gift for your grandfather could be a work light. These are very good for fixing things cause lots of times when grandfathers are retired they have to be doing something around the house. So this will make it where they can see outside or even inside. It has many different capabilities it has of course a on/off switch right here, it has a convenient handle for hand held use. It has a built in adjustable tripod so that he can set it anywhere and it has a powerful magnetic mount. So it can go on a car, a refrigerator just anything that magnetic. Another reason that a work light would be good for your grandfather is because since he is getting a little bit older his vision might be getting worse. So it would be great to see anything that he needs also it’s a wonderful safety device if the car breaks down. So it will always and he can put it in his trunk and it will just be there in case of an emergencies.” Restaurants Open On Christmas Day In Houston | Gustav Holst Christmas Day Youtube | Christmas Day Football Schedule 2012
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SoHo – NYC, New York

SoHo - NYC, New York – An acronym for SOuth of HOuston (pronounced “how-stun”) Street, this eclectic neighborhood in lower Manhattan had a long history before becoming New York City’s artistic haven. The SoHo that surrounds you, with its cast-iron warehouses and cobblestone streets was once the epicenter for artists who used the lofty (and often times abandoned) spaces to house their creativity. Today, SoHo is much different from the artist community of the 70s and is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City. Beginning on Broadway, you will find high-end fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants and charming cafes. Making a right turn on any of the side streets from Prince to Grand takes you into the fabulous world of SoHo!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Have you ever gone back and revisited any of the restaurants you used to go to as a child…the places you liked as a kid? If not, seize the moment and do it! Now that I’m working in my hometown again, it’s great fun to go back to some of those old-time favorites. The big surprise isn’t how the places have changed but the unexpected emotions that flood your psyche when you walk in the door! One of my childhood favs, the Barbecue Inn, just got some national recognition for its fried chicken, so I had to go back…this time with cameras rolling! Oh the nostalgia! Not much has changed on the menu, and why should it? Just last year, this comfort food hangout snagged a spot on Yahoo’s Top 10 Fried Chicken places in America! Need I say more?

Solar - The Lance Houston Jazz Quintet/Elements Restaurant and Piano Bar
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Leylet Hob — Ann Marie at Falafel Mediterranean Restaurant, Houston TX

14 May 2011, HABDA (Houston Area Belly Dancers Association) presents a Night of Dance at Falafel Mediterranean Restaurant in Houston, TX.

Red Lion Pub

Red Lion Pub

red lion pub, red lion houston, food, restaurant, houston restaurants

Houston food writer Amber Ambrose takes us to Pizaro’s Pizza in northwest Houston, where they make pizza with the traditions and techniques of Naples, Italy. Produced, shot and edited by Geoff Roth.
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Refresh : Contemporary Vegan Recipes from the Award-Winning Fresh Restaurants

Refresh : Contemporary Vegan Recipes from the Award-Winning Fresh Restaurants Price Comparison

Latest Houston Restaurants News

Houston Restaurants
Image by BrentOzar

A Look at New Cookbook Houston Chef's Table
Cookbook author Arthur L. Meyer has compiled recipes from 70 Houston restaurants in his new book Houston Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Bayou City's Iconic Restaurants. Although it includes Tex-Mex classics from Ninfa's and Molina's …
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The Third Ward Goes Vegan
Although the Third Ward recently lost vegan cafe and art space The Eat Gallery to the Heights, the neighborhood is still home to a small but dazzling array of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. A friend of mine raised in the area recently noted with …
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Another downtown restaurant shutters: This one-time savior lasts only six months
Now that Biba's Brooklyn Express is gone, Bibas Diner is closed and Biba's One's-A-Meal is renamed Theo's, Houston is once again left without any restaurants bearing the Bibas name. But that might change if Bibas has his way. As he told CultureMap back …
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Latest Houston Restaurants News

Feast is closing: Groundbreaking, critic-beloved restaurant to shutter in a
Feast was the first restaurant to make nose-to-tail dining a feature in Houston and one of the first restaurants to include the farms and other purveyors on the menu, so diners could see where their food was coming from. Opening in 2008 in the heart of …
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Burger King expands experimental delivery service to Houston
Burger King Worldwide Inc. (NYSE: BKW) is bringing an experimental delivery service, BK Deliver, to Houston. According to Burger King's Thursday statement, up to nine Houston-area restaurants will participate in the delivery service by the end of the year.

Parenting magazine loves a Houston food truck: Who says pretentious kids can't
Houston restaurants and food trucks have been covered in countless magazines, from Southern Living to GQ to Garden & Gun. However this month might mark the first time a local eatery has been featured in Parenting. The Houston food in question is …
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Vegas Grill Restaurant – Houston – Steel- May 16

The steel is going up. New restaurant in Houston Texas – (Webster) – Vegas Grill
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Vintage Park Featured on GreatDay Houston

Vintage Park Chefs competed in an Iron Chef Competition on GreatDay Houston with Debra Duncan on Friday, November 6, 2009, in celebration of Vintage Park’s annual Harvest Festival. Chefs from Vintage Park restaurants Fish City Grill, Strata and Peli Peli competed to create dishes using the secret ingredient- butternut squash. Vintage Park is a luxury lifestyle shopping center in Northwest Houston, located off Hwy 249 and Louetta Rd. It features a number a tenants ranging from retail to restaurants to offices. Visit Vintage Park’s website at
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Chef Charles Clark Interview

Chef Charles Clark Interview

Chef Charles Clark of Ibiza earliest memory of food is crawfish boils! To learn more about Chef Charles Clark watch the video above!

Gaido’s Gavleston has a new cookbook!

Gaido's Gavleston has a new cookbook!

From the moment you enter Gaido’s, you feel a sense of place and time alive with history and family tradition. Continuing this tradition of excellence since 1911, Gaido’s Restaurant has established itself as a landmark of ultra-fresh seafood. Located along the famous Galveston Seawall, Gaido’s provides diners with sweeping, panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. Committed to providing fresh seafood from the Gulf and around the world, Gaido’s peels shrimp, shucks oyster and filets fish fresh and by hand. Every meal, from the signature Wade Watkins’ bisque to the succulent Fresh Fish with Lump Topping, is prepared with old time simplicity and attention to detail. It’s all waiting for you at Historic Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant.

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