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Cook memorial in the church of St Andrew the Great, Cambridge.
Image by Captain Cook Society
Close up of the Cook memorial in the church of St Andrew the Great. This is a memorial to all of the Cook family although only three members were actually buried in this church. The Cook coat of arms is featured at the base of the memorial, but at the time that this photograph was taken several parts of the crest were missing.

Day 28: A Reflection on Cooking Classes
“You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Child. “What I've enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global …
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Travel on Your Stomach in Classes Taught by Immigrant Cooks
Arriving at Sunny Kim's home just as her Korean cooking class was starting, I was actually a little nervous: Showing up at a private residence made the whole thing feel disarmingly intimate. New York is a city of immigrants; a recent report from the …
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Chefs 2b Cooking School

Chefs 2b Cooking School Reviews

18455 W Lake Houston Pkwy
Average Rating: 1 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

Review by Smart M.

The first date of my class was September 28, 2011. I have a saved email from that day. Again, it was a morning class. We were charged 0 to pay…
Rating: 1

MAIN COURSE Cooking School

MAIN COURSE Cooking School Reviews

18750 Interstate 45
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

Review by Jenny P.
Had my husbands birthday party here and everything from start to finish was above and beyond. We had 15 people and the staff and chef were amazing and we…
Rating: 5

Review by Kelly P.
Can’t wait for the next class! The Chef and host were wonderful. I have been to Hubbell & Hubson and this blows it away!
Rating: 5

Review by Harry L.
I have attended many cooking schools/ classes throughout Houston. I have also attended many others in foreign countries. The Main course cooking school…
Rating: 5

GrillGrate LLC Disputes Claim that Grilling Causes Cancer, Citing Research, Evidence and Practical Advice

Cartersville, GA (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

Grilling season is right around the corner and so too will be the alarming stories about grilling causing cancer. GrillGrate LLC and Dr. Sara Jean Barrett ND are releasing a statement today to dispute the claim that grilling causes cancer, along with research and healthy grilling tips.

“It’s a rite of spring to be warned about the dangers of grilling,” states Brad Barrett, President of GrillGrate LLC. “It’s frustrating to hear the litany of concerns as pundits encourage less grilling, covering food in foil, pre- cooking in microwaves; and most of it is just plain nonsense.”

“Scientific and practical evidence indicate grilling is an exceptionally healthy way to cook,” Barrett said. The keys to healthy grilling are choosing simple and whole foods, creating a balanced diet, and not burning grilled meat. “The grill is not to blame,” states Barrett.

The heating, browning and charring of meat that causes the formation of carcinogens is not limited to grilling. All cooking methods and heat sources cause the formation of HCA’s (heterocyclic amines). PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are smoke related. The key is offsetting and counteracting the carcinogen formation through food preparation i.e. spices and marinades as well as diet and smart food choices.

“In collaboration with our daughter, Dr. Sara Jean Barrett ND, we’re offering simple tips to grill for your best health and to keep enjoying grilled food,” Barrett said.

Dr. Barrett has reviewed and compiled studies and research that suggest how to prevent or neutralize the formation of HCA’s and PAH’s.

“The healthy answer is a grill full of vegetables along with a variety of proteins such as fish and chicken. My father is a perfect example — he never ate a beet until he was 50. He’s gone from a pre-diabetic with high cholesterol to normal levels of blood sugar and cholesterol all through better diet and healthy grilling (and a healthy dose of Yoga),” Dr. Barrett said.

To inspire others to take control of their health, Dr. Barrett has compiled a list of tips for healthier grilling:

1. Meat is not the enemy- just don’t burn it: The research is not in dispute here. Charred, burned meat does contain known carcinogens (HCA’s and PAH’s) but there are plenty of ways to off-set them. Grill food to goal temps, avoid too much open flame or grilling too well done. Grilling faster can also reduce the amount of char.

2. Eat more vegetables: A balanced diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and meat. Grilled vegetables contain counter-balancing antioxidants that research shows neutralize carcinogen formation and works to counter-act it. Research points to this neutralizing effect with the use of herbs and spices too.

3. Grill more kinds of vegetables: No butter or calorie-rich sauces required. Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and squash caramelize at grill temps letting the natural sugars deliver the best and tastiest flavor. Grill peppers, onions, zucchini, with just a touch of olive oil and pepper. Enjoy all that antioxidant power working to improve your health while offsetting the effects of cooking red meat.

4. Grill more fish and chicken: Grilled chicken does not have to be slathered in barbecue sauce. A simple rub of herbs and spices is healthier and contains more antioxidants. Salmon is ideal to spice up and grill hot and fast like a steak. Is there a tastier way to eat fish than grilled?

5. Spice up grilled meats: The antioxidant power of herbs, particularly rosemary, paprika, garlic, sage and black pepper, retard the formation of HCA’s. (link to referenced studies) For example, adding dried cherries to hamburger shows significant reductions in HCA formation.

6. Marinade meat before grilling: Research again points to significant reductions of HCA’s. Be careful not to use flammable marinades as they may do more harm than good.

7. Grill on a clean hot grill and ban flare-ups. Eliminating flare-ups is the best way to control char and gain control of the grill.

“New grill surfaces such as GrillGrates play a role in all of this by preventing flare-ups and draining fats off without burning the food. Improved grill surfaces also open the door to healthier grilling possibilities with vegetables, fish and leaner meats.” Barrett said.

Link to 1 min video.

Link to Dropbox healthy grilling photos and referenced studies.

About GrillGrate LLC

GrillGrate LLC is based in Catersville, Georgia. GrillGrates are manufactured in various lengths and shapes for all popular grills. GrillGrates improve the cooking performance of any grill, including gas grills, charcoal grills, kamado and pellet grills. GrillGrates are proudly made in the USA. The GrateTool is made in China. For more information, please visit

About Alternative Solutions for Health, Dr. Sara Jean Barrett

Dr. Barrett is a licensed naturopathic doctor who practices general family medicine in Minneapolis MN. In addition to running her own practice, Alternative Solutions, she teaches classes on naturopathic therapies, publishes articles and speaks at public events.

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[OPI] T18 Houston We Have a Purple

[OPI] T18 Houston We Have a Purple

[OPI] T18 Houston We Have a Purple

  • Description: A modern take on the Texas lifestyle, this collection features all the diversity of Texas in a variety of colors. Glossy fuchsia color.
  • Specs: Size: 3.3inx1.3in Weight: 3.75 g (.125 oz Caution: Keep out of reach of children Store in a shaded area at room temperature. Usage: Apply on your nails twice. Finish with a topcoat
  • Shipping Weight: 0.35

Nail Lacquer – # NL T18 Houston We Have a Purple by OPI for Women – 0.5 oz Nail Polish

List Price: $ 4.70


Houston Texans Swirl Heart Earrings

Houston Texans Swirl Heart Earrings

  • Perfect for any sports fan
  • feature the team logo and colors
  • Officially licensed by the NFL
  • Approx. 7/8″ across

Brand new never been used. Wide charms dangle logo, nickel free. Great for any sports man. Officially licienced NFL product.

List Price: $ 19.99


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The Jolly Sportsman Pub in Chesham enjoys seamless pub management with the Casio QT-6600

London (PRWEB UK) 3 April 2014

Casio Electronics Co Ltd have announced that The Jolly Sportsman pub in Chesham, part of the Punch Taverns group, has undergone a dramatic revamp including the arrival of a slick new hospitality engineered touch screen EPOS solution, the Casio QT-6600, creating a monumental shift in pub management assisting in all areas of transaction processing, accounting and stock management.

Debs Wilbee is the popular new landlady of The Jolly Sportsman; “On day one, I started with both a new look pub and an effective new payment and accounting system. Whilst I was aware of the significant advances that an EPOS solution could bring, it was slightly daunting that I hadn’t used such a fully featured system before, but I needn’t have worried. MicroTill, the Casio partner, remained on hand to provide guidance, pre-populate the unit with all drink and food options and it really was straightforward to use and made for a stress free start to life at the pub.”

Speed of service was the first noticeable improvement. Featuring prompt based touch screens through a large, splashproof LCD colour screen that allows servers to whizz through individual dining choices; the QT-6600 seamlessly captures side orders, add-ons, individual cooking preferences and directs them straight through to the linked kitchen printer. In the back office, centralised reporting became automated back to Punch Taverns HQ, through enhanced connections and ongoing reporting via time and date. (The QT-6600 comes ready equipped with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports; Internet connection and 6 serial ports to transfer data directly to Punch Head Office). Till reconciliation has also improved. With the previous standalone push button cash register, staff would end up queuing to process orders and monies, with mistakes inevitable, causing increased customer waiting time while the team struggling to reconcile takings with actual drinks and food consumed. Indeed, the till provided no visibility as to who had served what, no publican highly-valued point-in-time ‘Z’ readings, or, at the end of each day, no direction as to which items needed re-ordering.

Debs notes, “I am confident that since installation, the QT-6600 has dramatically cut busy queue times and prevented mistakes, even on complicated large orders. Even when mistakes do occur, you do not need to embark on the drawn-out process of manually issuing voids and then reconciling them. You can just press cancel and start the order again.”

The QT-6600 provides a real-time window on what is being sold. “The ability to drill down on takings, or understand what’s popular on the menu that day, or to reconcile stock levels, even when you are not barside, is nothing short of a Godsend. The QT-6600 provides me with ongoing re-assurance that stocking levels are accurate and optimised, according to popularity of items.”

From both landlady and Punch Taverns’ management reporting perspective, data derived from the QT-6600 is key to form the basis for current turnover and profit and loss; accurate monthly book keeping and easier financial returns; enhanced future sales predictions and to exploit potential areas of growth through understanding customer buying trends. Debs continues, “With the QT-6600, it’s all about easy empowerment for the publican and accurate reporting for the pub chain operator. You can derive as much information as you need and increase the level of reporting as your grasp on the business is opened – allowing you to factor in external factors such as seasonal trends, forthcoming promotions and events such as major sporting fixtures.”

Keep abreast with the Team’s progress at the Jolly Sportsman on their Facebook page.


About Casio Electronics:

Since the launch of the Casio Computer Company in Japan in 1957, the company has been guided by the core principles of ‘Creativity and Contribution’. Casio is a vibrant, energetic and innovative brand that sustains its competitive edge by seeking new and improved approaches to meet customer demands. Well-known around the world for its consumer electronics products such as calculators, watches, digital cameras and electronic pianos, Casio also has a strong business to business heritage

Guy Boxall

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Tel: 020 8208 7846    

email: boxallg(at)casio(dot) or bsd(at)casio(dot)

CASIO Electronics Co. Ltd.

Unit 6, 1000 North Circular Road



Local Agency Contact

Sharon Munday, Owner & Director

On Your Case Ltd

Tel: +44 7787 566382

Email: sharon(at)onyourcase(dot)

Houston Texans Tonal Polo – Large

Houston Texans Tonal Polo – Large Price Comparison
Please Note: This item is made-upon-order, therefore requires additional processing time, which is reflected in the estimate above. Please Note: The men’s garments from this manufacturer tend to run a little large, so if you’re between sizes, you…

The Sports Authority
$ 54.99
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Houston Astros Dozen Golf Balls

Houston Astros Dozen Golf Balls Best Prices
Buy Houston Astros Dozen Golf Balls now for only .95 and save! Visit Fan Gear Unlimited for more from our MLB selection and get free shipping on most orders over . Need help? We have world class customer support waiting to answer your questions.

Golf Headquarters
$ 34.99
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Chefs 2b Cooking School

Chefs 2b Cooking School Reviews

18455 W Lake Houston Pkwy
Average Rating: 1 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

Review by Smart M.
Very disappointed about an adult cooking class I paid to attend. I attended the adult fondant cake decorating class after hearing from a few other former…
Rating: 1

Latest Cooking News

Mindful Meals: Classic and innovative kosher recipes to inspire home cooks
For many home cooks, making meals is a necessary chore. But Estee Kafra, editor of the kosher website Kosher Scoop, recognizes that food should be more than a primal need: "I believe we can take this everyday act and elevate it into an experience of …
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A small kitchen remade for relaxing as much as cooking
Lorena Bow never minded having a small kitchen. But the tiny slivers of counter space it provided made it hard to get excited about cooking. When Bow retired after 35 years as a D.C. public schoolteacher, she decided it was time to do something about …
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Sebelius: No, we're not 'cooking the books' on Obamacare enrollees
Support for Obamacare swelled leading up to the final day of sign-ups for the health care law, when Obama administration officials pushed back against critics who accused the White House of “cooking the books.” “I think it's unfortunate that again …
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Fast Food Mania! – Free Cooking Game

Fast Food Mania! – Free Cooking Game

Fast Food Mania! - Free Cooking Game

  • – Hamburger Maker !
  • – French Fries Maker !
  • – Make it finger lickin’ good with the best toppings and coolest decorations!
  • – Take a few bites then share a pic of your scrumptious food with all your friends!
  • – Fun for kids of all ages!

List Price: $ 0.00


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Mostyn Moreno Foundation Provides Exclusive Access to Snuggles by Andrea White and Mimi Vance

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Educational Foundation (Mostyn Moreno Foundation) has secured exclusive distribution rights to the children’s book, “Snuggles.” Amber Anderson Mostyn, co-founder of the Mostyn Moreno Foundation, commissioned the book’s writing in 2012. She turned to distinguished author, accomplished attorney and former Houston first lady Andrea White to pen this children’s book along with co-author Mimi Vance and illustrator Rob Shepperson.

“‘Snuggles’ is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book about the wonders of snuggling in your bed, sleeping and dreaming of possibilities,” stated Monte Osburn, executive director of the Mostyn Moreno Foundation.

Those donating ten dollars or more to the Mostyn Moreno Foundation will receive a copy of “Snuggles” as a free gift, if requested. All proceeds from the “Snuggles” promotion will directly benefit the programs and children that are served by the foundation.

To learn more about this special promotion, go to or contact the foundation.

About the Mostyn Moreno Foundation

The Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that encourages Texas children with special needs by supporting community outreach, life skills, and education programs. The Foundation was created by Steve and Amber Mostyn to recognize the contributions of Glenda Jean Mostyn and Joe E. Moreno, who gave generously to children with special needs.


Los Angeles (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Dacor®, manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances, announces its 2014 United Servicers Association (USA) Partnership Award win for its high-quality, after-purchase service experience. A second consecutive win for Dacor, the award signifies the company’s focus on service training and technical support.

“We are honored to receive this award from the leading service association,” says Chuck Huebner, CEO of Dacor. “At Dacor we are continually looking for ways to elevate the passionate home chef’s experience, and that means that every facet of our business must be top-notch.”

Dacor received the Partnership Award for its participation in the association’s Institute of Service Training events and for its ongoing contributions. Other companies to win in years past include Whirlpool, Samsung and Electrolux.

“We are thrilled to win the United Servicers Association’s Partnership Award and to be recognized by such key influencers in the appliance service industry,” says Rob Marriott, Dacor national technical manager. “Winning this award is a testament to Dacor’s ongoing commitment to leadership to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality service and satisfaction.”


Founded in 1965, Dacor is a manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances. Designed and built in California, Dacor’s cooking appliances integrate function and technology to create high-performing, intuitive products that reflect the lifestyle and needs of the passionate cook. For nearly 50 years, Dacor has been responsible for many of the innovations that have improved the way people cook in the modern kitchen. Dacor is family-owned and embraces the legacy, heritage and expertise of a third generation to lead the company into a new age of cooking innovation. For more information about Dacor and its products, visit


USA is a North American non-profit service trade association formed by servicers for servicers in 1992. Its mission and purpose is to develop and provide services and programs intended to assist members in building strong businesses for the purpose of competing successfully in North America’s competitive environment. To achieve these goals, USA provides educational programs, government relations, and management and marketing programs. Visit USA’s Web site at

Cooking Game: Sushi Yum! Reviews

Cooking Game: Sushi Yum!

Cooking Game: Sushi Yum!

  • Fun for kids of all ages with realistic images!
  • Hundreds of decorations to choose from!
  • Eat your sushi!
  • Share your cookie on facebook or email it to friends

List Price: $ 0.00


Bloom Multi-Purpose Lid Silicone Cover and Spill Stopper Pan and Pot Cook Tool

End Date: Monday Feb-5-2018 7:22:42 PST
Buy It Now for only: $8.99
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Nonstick 18-Piece 9-PC Pots And Pans Cookware Set Cooking Kitchen Red Polished
End Date: Tuesday Feb-6-2018 0:42:45 PST
Buy It Now for only: $35.00
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'We lost everything' in apartment fire

'We lost everything' in apartment fire
Victoria Marsh holds her dog, Porsche, after a two-alarm fire tore through her apartment complex early Monday morning in west Houston. "We lost everything," she said. The two-alarm fire broke out about 5 a.m. Monday at the Woodlake Oaks Apartments.

Five Cuts: Pitching duel in Cincinnati; Jeter honored in Houston; notable debuts
It's worth remembering that Jeter's history with Houston could have been a whole lot richer. In 1992, the Astros owned the top pick of the amateur draft. In making their pick, they went against the advice of scout (and Hall of Fame pitcher) Hal …

Clowney visiting Houston "in next month"
And they'll see him again soon. "He's gonna come to Houston at some point later in the month as well," general manager Rick Smith said on Wednesday in a 1-on-1 for Texans TV. Clowney put on a show at his Pro Timing Day in Columbia, South Carolina.

Houston Texans 4 Ball and Divot Tool Gift Set

Houston Texans 4 Ball and Divot Tool Gift Set Best Prices
Set includes four regulation golf balls, divot tool and double sided color fill enamel marker. Official NFL teams color and logo

$ 26.99
+ $ 6.95 shipping
Golf Headquarters
$ 34.99
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill – Stainless Steel

Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill – Stainless Steel Best Prices
Weber Summit S-670 Stainless Steel LP Gas Grill – 7370001/ One 60,000 BTU Burner/ 6 Stainless Steel Burners/ Smoker Burner/ Rotisserie Burner/ Sear Burner/ Lighted Control Knobs/ Flavorizer Bars/ 2 Stainless Steel Work Surfaces/ 6 Tool Holders/ 2 Grill…
$ 2,499.00
+ $ 0.00 shipping
$ 2,499.00
+ $ 0.00 shipping
$ 2,499.99
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Texas-Based Moore Design Group and Martin Fein Interests, Ltd. Produce Mountain Modern Multi-Family Community in Colorado

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

On a prominent site in Lone Tree, Colo. is the latest inspiration of Moore Design Group and developer Martin Fein Interests, Ltd. Located in one of the most desirable communities in the Denver area, The Vue at RidgeGate is part of a 3,500 acre master-planned community that is designed around parks, trails and a future Light Rail site. The premium, amenity rich apartments offer luxury living with a picturesque backdrop.

The Vue at RidgeGate embodies an inventive interpretation of dimension, structure and shape that captures what life in Colorado is all about. Through creative and inscribed environments that aren’t trendy or over the top, the sleek “mountain modern” design is indigenous and inspiring – a relaxed atmosphere where all barriers are removed.

Upon entering the lobby, visitors are greeted with contrasting elements and an overall energetic design. The extraordinary surface of the reception desk, designed by MDG from CaesarStone’s Masterpiece Collection, is hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious brown agate and radiates an earthy energy.

The Stix Pendant lighting by Charles Loomis mimics shining prisms of ice on the branches of trees in a snow-covered forest and emit a stunning brilliance. The interior wall ledge cladding throughout the reception and club areas blends a unique collection of slate, sandstone, quartzite and schist off-cuts that were left over from various quarries – a sustainable, eco-friendly product that creates an organic ambiance.

Corten steel portals lead to the clubhouse, the lively heart of community life. The Douglas fir wide plank flooring in the great room is the passion of the artisans of Viveash Ranch in New Mexico. Artist, Welder and Sculptor Geoff Hager used recycled and re-purposed metal bits to create the custom metal sculpture on a steel plate and add a bit of soul to the space. The library features ecological and stylish cork floors and an expansive terrace that offers uncommonly regal seating for the outdoors in the form of an 18th century teak wing back chair.

Residents can also enjoy the media room with theater-style seating for 20 and a well-equipped fitness center. A demonstration kitchen that can be used for cooking classes and entertaining is adorned with handcrafted “floating” tables and custom cedar block art.

Moore Design Group created an inviting and vibrant space that connects to its incredible surroundings. The motif is a meld of clean lines with warm tones, richly hued fabrics, sustainable woods, customized pieces and handsomely textured furniture.

“Our vision was to create an oasis where visitors and residents would enjoy socializing and relaxing,” MDG Principle Stephanie Moore-Hager said. “The Vue evokes a distinct energy that our chosen materials and elements reflect. The space features contrasting pieces that bring a level full of nature and the outdoors into a modern space.”

With the installment of The Vue at RidgeGate and plans for the development of more properties in the area already on the boards, the designer/developer duo is branching out to one of the top 10 new construction metros in the nation, according to Multifamily Executive. The urban environments are changing the lifestyles of potential residents – consumers crave the amenities that the decade old apartments in the area lack and it is easy to see how renters are lured to the new amenity-wrapped apartments.

“Denver is a very attractive city for lifestyle and employment. Being on a rail line appeals to the professional, and walkability is also a big factor,” Martin Fein, President of Martin Fein Interests, Ltd. said. “The hallmark of our communities is the service and attention to detail in every aspect of the development down to the smallest details. Stephanie and her team play a big role in establishing that atmosphere. It really is a collaborative process.”

MDG and MFI continue to create properties that combine architectural distinction, superb design with an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Their communities are the consummate settings for life as it can be lived and promise a lasting appeal for generations to come.


Established in 1991, Dallas-based Moore Design Group has earned a reputation as the leading designer of multifamily living communities in the United States. A comprehensive design portfolio, media coverage, awards, company information and more are available at

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Taylor Morrison Announces New Stillwater on Lake Houston Community

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Lakefront home sites, thoughtfully designed floor plans, access to highly acclaimed schools and quick commutes to some of Houston’s best employment centers are all in store for Houston home buyers at Taylor Morrison’s Stillwater on Lake Houston.

Taylor Morrison will offer three distinct home collections at Stillwater on Lake Houston. The Houston builder’s Chateau and Grande collections will join the sought-after Inspired Collection.

Model home construction for the Chateau and Grande collections will begin in the summer with models expected to be completed by fall. The Inspired Collection is slated to open in Spring 2015.

A total of four floor plans, ranging from approximately 3,400 to 3,815 square feet will make up the Chateau Collection, with the two-story floor plans offering formal living and dining rooms, plenty of additional living spaces (including game rooms) and up to five bedrooms.

The Grande Collection will offer Houston homebuyers a choice of six single and two-story floor plans and will range from approximately 3,288 to 5,084 square feet. Up to six bedrooms and five baths will be available in the collection, along with formal living and dining spaces, gourmet kitchens and options that can include guest suites.

Taylor Morrison’s Inspired Collection will include lakefront homesites and floor plans that range from approximately 4,057 to 5,401 square feet. Outdoor living spaces that take advantage of the lakefront home sites, floor plans that offer generous living spaces and up to five bedrooms and 5.5 baths will be offered.

“This community promises to be special,” said Jim Ellison, vice president of sales and marketing for Taylor Morrison’s Houston division. “The homes we’re planning are some of our most spacious designs and the location is terrific, from both a recreational standpoint and employment standpoint.”

Stillwater on Lake Houston offers convenient commutes to three primary employment centers in Houston – the downtown metroplex, the Greenspoint Corridor and the Port of Houston – providing plenty of employment opportunities for residents. Stillwater on Lake Houston is also conveniently located to George Bush Intercontinental Airport as well as the ExxonMobil campus planned for The Woodlands.

For school-age children, the area is served by the highly acclaimed Humble ISD, with the community being served by Lakeshore Elementary, Woodcreek Middle School and Summer Creek High School.

For more information about Taylor Morrison and its communities, please visit

About Taylor Morrison

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation operates in the U.S. under the Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes brands and in Canada under the Monarch brand. Taylor Morrison is a builder and developer of single-family detached and attached homes serving a wide array of customers including first-time, move-up, luxury and active adult customers. Taylor Morrison divisions operate in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Texas. Darling Homes serves move-up and luxury homebuyers in Texas. Monarch, Canada’s oldest homebuilder builds homes for first-time and move-up buyers in Toronto and Ottawa as well as high rise condominiums in Toronto. For more information about Taylor Morrison, Darling Homes or Monarch, please visit, and

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Houston, Texas Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated) Reviews

Houston, Texas Travel Guide – Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

Houston, Texas Travel Guide - Sightseeing, Hotel, Restaurant & Shopping Highlights (Illustrated)

Houston shatters every stereotype that outsiders have about Texas and Texans. Houston is a huge, cosmopolitan city with many ethnicities and nationalities. Houston’s size can be attributed to two factors: location and economics. Houston is situated on the Gulf Coast, making it suitable for maritime industries. The Port of Houston, the fourth largest port in the United States, is one of the busiest ports in the world. Some of the world’s leading medical and research institutions, including th


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