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Cooking anything has ingredients and so does science, so they are a match and Cooking and Science are very similar things. Science also uses measurements and so does cooking 🙂

On Cooking Southern: Asparagus, Rice, and Orange Salad and Copper Carrots
Keep it up and I'll cancel your birth certificate: Exactly what it implies — a threat to end the offender's nonsense once and for all, and permanently. Think Rebels being taunted by too many cowbells… OH HAPPY SPRING, HERE AT LAST. LET'S ALL LIGHTEN …

That Good News on Obamacare? Republicans Insist It's Not…
Some, like Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, say the administration is “cooking the books.” Others, like Senator Ted Cruz, say that the number of people without insurance is actually rising. Sorry, but that's nonsense. Conservatives making these …
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Cooking With Compassion
In 2010, Shauna McLaughlin faced a mother's worst nightmare. Her then 19-month-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. As a single parent, Ms. McLaughlin was solely responsible for her daughter's medical, emotional, and financial care.
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