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Rising star chef leaves innovative supermarket restaurant to concentrate on

Catalan Food and Wine – Tables 3
Houston Restaurants
Image by ZagatBuzz
Located in the Heights in Houston, Catalan Food & Wine serves Spanish-inspired American from chef Chris Shepherd.

Rising star chef leaves innovative supermarket restaurant to concentrate on
H-E-B's massive new Tanglewood store has emerged as a legitimate dining destination thanks to the presence of its in-store restaurant Table 57 Dining & Drinks. In addition to featuring a menu created by former Haven chef Randy Evans, Table 57 also …
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Two locals up for Best New Chef: The national obsession with Houston
To be eligible, a chef has to have been operating his or her own restaurant for fewer than five years. In the accompanying write-up, the magazine praises Pera for using items from Revival and Coltivare's 3,000 square-foot garden. Dorris, who was …
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Eats Mesquite Grill

Eats Mesquite Grill Reviews

13918 Hempstead Rd
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (26 Reviews)

Review by Jay R.
Best food for lunch time I work near by and live near by so lucky me they deliver

Love the baked potato i highly recommend this place, very generous employees
Rating: 5

Review by Nhi H.
There’s not much of a selection around this area so this is good enough. When you work in Gunspoint, you have to adjust your expectations.

Their menu…
Rating: 3

Review by Hatem S.
Very good food. Place is clean and authentic. Ribeye steak Sandwich is good and huge. Salad bar is very good. But it is not too cheap as the ranking shows.
Rating: 4




List Price: $ 1.99


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Man-eating inflatable Bucks mascot on the loose in Milwaukee
This is terrifying! Seriously, avoid Milwaukee people! More from Lance Stephenson is wearing 'Frozen' themed Timberlands · Stephen Curry delivers a ridiculous behind the head assist · Win $ 10,000 with $ 2 entry playing FanDuel's one-night …
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Who was downloading smut in the office while eating ice cream?
On-call +NSFW Welcome back to On-call, our planned-to-be-fortnightly look at the things readers have been asked to do in the course of their employment, often at odd hours. This week, reader Guy* wrote to tell us about a gig he scored in the mid …
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Preparedness Leader My Patriot Supply Unveils the New Alexapure Pro Water Filter

Sandpoint, ID (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

My Patriot Supply is proud to be the first preparedness retailer to offer the latest innovation in home water filtration: Alexapure Pro™. The Pro™ is an ultra effective filtration system that makes existing gravity-fed filters obsolete. An unprecedented advancement in clean water technology, Alexapure Pro™ surpasses federal and industry standards for water filtration. With an optimized flow rate, it delivers an ample daily supply for a typical household.

The Alexapure Pro™ takes a unique, two-pronged approach to filtering water from any fresh water source. The heart of the system is a gravity block filter that is encased in a silver-impregnated ceramic hybrid shell. Any tiny particles that make it through the dense maze of pores in the shell become trapped within the gravity block core. The end result is safe, healthy water for drinking and cooking.

Alexapure Pro™ is perfect for daily use, on or off-grid. Because a sustainable source of clean water is essential in an emergency, the Pro™ is the ideal preparedness tool as well. Any fresh water source, whether a lake, creek or household tap, supplies all the raw material the Pro™ needs to provide the average family with healthy hydration.

Water contamination is a growing global concern for good reason. Chlorine from water treatment plants, heavy metals leached from decayed plumbing and chemicals from stormwater runoff are common in tap water. The bottled water sold in supermarkets isn’t necessarily any better because it does not have to comply with federal clean water standards.

Pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and giardia are often present in fresh water from natural sources like private wells, rivers and marshes. Alexapure Pro™ effectively removes these and other impurities, far exceeding federal safety guidelines. More information and laboratory results are available at

My Patriot Supply, a leader in the growing preparedness industry, has earned a reputation for providing high quality emergency food, heirloom seeds and emergency tools at an affordable cost. Alexapure Pro™ is a natural addition to the My Patriot Supply family, providing clearly superior filtration at a cost-effective price. As with many of My Patriot Supply’s products, the Alexapure Pro™ filters are made in the USA.

“For years, we we’ve been searching for a better and more reliable way to filter water,” explains Matt Redhawk, the founder and CEO of My Patriot Supply. “Something we could trust completely to provide safe, clean water for our own families. Alexapure Pro™ is light years ahead of the existing technology. It meets our toughest criteria for our families and yours.”


For further information about My Patriot Supply and Alexapure® products visit or contact:

Allison Amos, Chief Marketing Officer

336-500-0846 (office)

336-270-9593 (mobile)

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Houston Panini & Provisions

Houston Panini & Provisions Reviews

1727 W 34th St
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (88 Reviews)

Review by Jerry C.
I had the opportunity to leave Downtown during lunch one day, and this place is pretty close to where I live – it’s been on my bookmarks for a while, so I…
Rating: 5

Review by Belly G.
I first stepped foot in here way back in July 2014. Didn’t write a review then because I took my food to go. Fast forward eight months later, it’s March…
Rating: 5

Review by Liz N.
I AM IN LOVE. Yup, with the smoked venison panini, cookies n’ cream popcorn, bread pudding, and the Spindrift sparkling orange mango beverage that I washed…
Rating: 5

Capital Area Food Bank, Washington Metro Areas Largest Hunger Relief Organization Announces Budget Increases for Senior Food Programs

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

The Capital Area Food Bank today announced expansion plans for its three senior hunger programs: Grocery Plus (aka the Commodity Supplemental Food Program), the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program and the Senior Brown Bag Program. “More seniors in our region are struggling to make ends meet,” said Capital Area Food Bank CEO Nancy Roman, saying the reasons include the increased number of aging residents as well as the aftermath of the 2008 recession. “It’s our job to step into the breach and provide better, smarter access for as many of those as we can.” Senior hunger is higher in our nation’s capital than in all but three states, says a new national report on food insecurity by the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. (Report “The State of Senior Hunger in America 2013: An Annual Report” released 4/23/15; full report available

The CAFB will position itself to reach more seniors in need with better food by

    Expanding service to low income seniors through its Senior Brown Bag program
    Expanding enrollment through its Grocery Plus program, including the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
    Including more fresh fruits and vegetables in food provided monthly by both programs

A recent major gift in memory of Judith Shaffert will allow the CAFB’s Senior Brown Bag program to expand by 20% to serve 5,200 seniors across Washington, Maryland and Virginia. The gift covers the entire cost of the program, which provides income-qualified seniors with healthy food and nutrition education materials on a monthly basis at no charge. Seniors who are food insecure are 53% more likely to have a heart attack and 40% more likely to have a heart disorder, according to a recent NFESH report.

The Grocery Plus program provides 5,300 low income seniors living in the District with monthly packages of healthy groceries at no charge, including about 30-40 pounds of protein, whole grains and vegetables along with cooking and wellness tips. In summer, SFMNP farmers’ market vouchers for free produce complement the monthly food packages. The program looks to increase enrollment by expanding pickup site locations, and growing its partnership with DCOA under the leadership of Dr. John Thompson.

“The Grocery Plus program really has been a lifesaver to me,” said Dorthea Mary Timeyin, a D.C. resident. “As a senior living on a fixed income, the additional food helps to cut down on my monthly food bill; I can tremendously improve my eating habits and begin to use the ingredients to prepare healthy meals.”

The CAFB will celebrate Older Americans Month this May through its second annual Senior Strong campaign highlighting the resilience and resourcefulness of the seniors it serves. The public can support the campaign by donating on the website, (, following @foodbankmetrodc and posting photos of seniors using the hashtag #SolveSeniorHunger.

About the Capital Area Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest hunger relief organization in the Washington metro area, serving over 530,000 people through direct food distribution programs and a network of 500 partner agencies. This year, the Capital Area Food Bank distributed 42 million pounds of food – the equivalent of 35 million meals – one third of which was fresh fruits and vegetables. A member of Feeding America, CAFB takes a comprehensive approach to addressing hunger by increasing access to nutritious food, initiating change through skill-building and advocacy, and creating sustainability with outreach and training for those at risk of hunger. To learn more, visit:, or find the Capital Area Food Bank on Facebook at, and Twitter at @foodbankmetrodc.

For information about the Grocery Plus program for seniors living in Washington, D.C., visit or call 202-644-9880. For information about the Senior Brown Bag program, please contact Lavette Sims, Director of Distributions, Capital Area Food Bank at lsims(at)capitalareafoodbank(dot)org or (202) 644-9839.

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Food Allergy Research & Educations 2015 National Food Allergy Conference Offers Weekend of Support to Live Well with Food Allergies

McLean, VA (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

The 2015 Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) National Food Allergy Conference on May 16-17 in Long Beach, Calif. offers members of the food allergy community an opportunity to learn from leading experts and panelists. This exceptional multi-day educational event is hosted by FARE, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies.

Speakers at this year’s conference include food allergy researchers, allergists, community advocates, renowned chef Amanda Freitag, food allergy musician Kyle Dine and dozens of others with expert insights into the challenging world of food allergies.

The FARE National Food Allergy Conference, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, will feature roughly 40 educational and experiential sessions on topics including practical food allergy management at home, school, work and while traveling; managing anxiety surrounding food allergies and anaphylaxis; the latest on what is on the horizon for food allergy research; dating with food allergies and more.

Freitag, a chef, restaurant owner and cooking competition judge, will discuss how she manages her potentially life-threatening (severe) food allergy in the kitchen and everyday life during a special “Chef to Chef” session with Joel Schaefer, author of “Serving People with Food Allergies: Kitchen Management and Menu Creation.”

“It means a lot to me to be part of this conference attended by so many who, like me, are managing severe allergies every day,” said Freitag, whose appearance is sponsored by Mylan. “I’ve learned a great deal since being diagnosed with a food allergy six years ago and look forward to sharing my strategies for cooking, eating and always having a plan should anaphylaxis occur.”

Food allergies are life-altering and potentially life-threatening, requiring constant vigilance to avoid serious reactions. In children alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a staggering 50 percent increase in the disease between 1997 and 2011.

“The FARE National Food Allergy conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals and families to learn more about effectively managing food allergies at any stage of their journey,” said James R. Baker, Jr., MD, CEO of FARE, who will be moderating a session dedicated to research. “The experts, advocates and role models lending their time to this unique educational event offer knowledge and insights that will prove invaluable for anyone affected by food allergies.”

The FARE National Food Allergy Conference is the only national patient conference of its kind. There are educational sessions for everyone from the recently-diagnosed with food allergies to veterans of food allergy management, as well as a full track for teen attendees. Join FARE for sessions such as “Planes, Trains and Auto-Injectors;” “Bring Fun Back to the Kitchen;” “Food Allergies on the Brain: Managing the Anxiety;” “From Flirting to First Dates to Facebook Official;” “Finding the Right Food Allergy Specialist;” “Check, Please! How to Dine Out Successfully;” “Behind the Label” and more.

A full conference schedule and mobile app is available at

The 2015 FARE National Food Allergy Conference is made possible thanks to generous support from presenting sponsor Mylan Specialty L.P., premier sponsor Sanofi and platinum sponsor SunButter.

To register, please visit


Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) works on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. This potentially deadly disease affects 1 in every 13 children in the U.S. – or roughly two in every classroom. FARE’s mission is to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments. Our work is organized around three core tenets: LIFE – support the ability of individuals with food allergies to live safe, productive lives with the respect of others through our education and advocacy initiatives; HEALTH – enhance the healthcare access of individuals with food allergies to state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment; and HOPE – encourage and fund research in both industry and academia that promises new therapies to improve the allergic condition. For more information, please visit

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Houston to March in Remembrance of the Holocaust

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

In preparation for the 2015 March of Remembrance Houston on April 18th and 19th, Pastor Jobst Bittner, founder of the March of Life in Tübingen, Germany, recently shared about the history and vision of the March at several locations across the Greater Houston Area, including the Houston Holocaust Museum, Texas A&M University Galveston Campus, and the Houston Area Pastors’ Council. Those coming to hear Bittner speak included Holocaust survivors and their descendants, as well as Daniel Agranov, Deputy Consul General of Israel to the Southwest United States.

“Darkness and silence always go together,” said Bittner, and in the current climate of increasing anti-Semitism, the March of Remembrance provides an avenue for people to arise from silence and indifference to stand as a light in the face of oppression. This year, marches will be held in over 50 cities across the U.S., and in more than 30 cities in Germany, on Saturday, April 18th and Sunday, April 19th. Statewide event locations and details can be found at

Bittner’s book, “Breaking the Veil of Silence”, discusses the roots of anti-Semitism over the years and describes his own experiences with the initial unwillingness of many in Europe to confront their past. It also charts the creation of the March of Life and March of Remembrance, which recently received an award at the Knesset in Israel, and describes how those that choose to remain silent while their fellow humans are oppressed become perpetrators themselves.

Jobst Bittner was born in 1956 to parents who were Nazi party members during the war, his father having fought in both France and North Africa. Growing up, neither of his parents talked about the Holocaust, believing they had not part in the mass murder of 6 million Jews. Bittner later learned that this attitude was common throughout much of Europe; many people did not talk even with their families about the Holocaust.

Like Bittner, many children born to Nazi families after the war did not know the extent of their families’ involvement until much later in life. The true extent of this ‘veil of silence’ became clear to him when he and his wife studied at Tübingen University in the 1980s. To his surprise, many people there were ignoring the fact that the Holocaust had been perpetrated in camps just miles from the city.

As the city and the university began digging through the past, and as more perpetrators began to open up about the things that happened during the war, the later generations finally began to learn about their families’ involvement in the Holocaust.

As a counselor at his church, Bittner heard the stories of children and grandchildren of Nazis that were trying to cope with these hard truths that had been uncovered. He then created the March of Life to break the silence that has plagued Europe since World War II.

In an attempt to find healing for those struggling with the past, and to find the words that their fathers and grandfathers could not find, Bittner planned a march along the same roads where Hitler had forced Jews to march in what are now known as death marches. However, the March of Life would walk in the reverse direction of the marches, back to their camps of origin.

As Bittner was organizing the first March of Life in 2007, he was contacted by Jewish friends and survivors that wanted to participate. The march grew, and many survivors returned to these roads for the first time since liberation. Children and grandchildren of perpetrators of the Holocaust were able to ask victims for forgiveness and make an attempt at finding peace with their families’ pasts. They had broken the veil of silence and opened the door to reconciliation.

Although Bittner first thought this would be the only march, it became apparent that anti-Semitic feelings were widespread, and veils of silence needed to be broken in other locations too. The second march was held in 2008 in eastern Germany and was in the shape of a Star of David. Over the next few years, other cities in other countries such as Poland, Ukraine, and Austria expressed interest in having marches. A few years after this, marches had also begun in the United States.

This year there will be 30 marches throughout Europe, and 56 in the United States. The only way the atrocities of the Holocaust were able to take place was because millions stayed silent when confronted with the oppression and deportation of their neighbors. You can join the survivors, liberators, 2nd and 3rd generation survivors and others on one or more of these marches to honor those lost, educate the living, provide healing to those affected by the Holocaust, and vow never to stay silent in the face of evil.

About the March of Remembrance

The March of Remembrance is a sister to the March of Life in Europe, which was started in 2007 by Pastor Jobst Bittner, TOS Ministry, of Tubingen Germany. Marches are held in over 50 US cities, and internationally, on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community in saying Never Again.

The March provides an opportunity to honor Holocaust survivors and let their stories be told; educate a generation that is many times unaware of the reality of the horrors of the Holocaust; remember not only those who were lost in the Holocaust, but those who fought for freedom; and engage the issues of anti-Semitism and social justice.

2015 March of Remembrance Dates and Locations:

Saturday, April 18th, 2015:

Brenham, Baytown and Kingwood (the March in Kingwood will conclude at the Holocaust Garden of Remembrance at Kings Harbor Waterfront Village near the restaurants, where there will be a short dedication of the garden and a Celebration of Life event, with a book signing by our survivors, fellowship and lovely restaurants to enjoy).

Sunday, April 19th, 2015:

Central Houston (beginning at Rice Temple Baptist Church and ending at Holocaust Museum Houston’s Citywide Yom HaShoah commemoration at Congregation Emanu El.)

Register online and receive updates at

Stanton’s City Bites

Stanton’s City Bites Reviews

1420 Edwards St
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (471 Reviews)

Review by Tammy S.
The burgers are fantastic. They really hold the mouth watering flavor you are craving when you bite into a burger. Complete backyard grill taste with a…
Rating: 5

Review by Michael S.
Damn they know how to make burger meat. Seasoned well and cooked perfectly, I loved the meat patty I ate. The fries also have a variety of seasoning and I…
Rating: 3

Review by Joe H.
I stopped by Stanton’s for lunch during the business week the other day with a colleague.

The long and short is that Stanton’s has one of the best burgers…
Rating: 4

Unbound Families Living In Poverty: Are They Doing More Than You To Help The Environment?

Kansas City, Kan. (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

Humans are the most polluting species on the planet. The average American produces more than 4 pounds of waste every day.

And pollution doesn’t just impact the environment; it affects people too, especially those living in the developing world, who are often the most vulnerable to the effects of pollution and climate change.

But there is a solution to reducing our carbon footprint and it starts with small lifestyle changes. It relies on all of us working together to undo the damage.

Many families in the Unbound sponsorship program are now taking small steps to improve community health and restore the environment.

Maria, a former sponsored child through Unbound, is pursuing an environmental studies degree at an American university. When she graduates, she plans to return to Guatemala and work for an organization helping to clean up Lake Atitlan.

Maria has just been chosen for a summer internship where she will monitor Lake Atitlan’s ecology during in Guatemala with a government institution leading environmental programs to protect the lake.

Clean water is important to Maria because the village where her family lives relies on Lake Atitlan for its drinking water – the same lake where people wash their clothes, and bathe, where resorts drain sewage and boats dispose of oil.

Members of Maria’s family and community have been sickened by drinking contaminated water from the lake.

“I hope to learn how effective the program is for indigenous communities, specifically the clean drinking water problems,” said Maria. “I want to learn as much as possible about Lake Atitlan’s species and environmental problems so that one day I can work toward a solution to eradicate these problems.”

In addition to problems caused by contaminated water, pollution also leads to changes in the climate, which can have devastating effects on people living in poverty.

The Philippines is among the most vulnerable to the impact of global warming.

Thousands of families in the Unbound program lost their homes and livelihoods to typhoons and tropical storms in 2014.

To help mitigate the effects of weather, families and staff in the Philippines are now undertaking their own so-called “acts of green” to fight climate change.

Unbound’s Antipolo project has started a ‘Clean and Green’ initiative which teaches farming families new irrigation methods for rice paddies and corn fields. As a result, more and more families are shifting away from the kaingin (slash and burn) way of farming.

Families and elders in the program are devoting more time to cleaning up the streets, canals and rivers.

The Antipolo project has a tree-planting activity every year when families plant the seeds from the fruits they eat.

“We have planted and nurtured thousands of trees,” said Malou, Antipolo project coordinator. “They are growing in backyards, along the roads, rivers, in the parks, open spaces, foothills, watershed and shores in the communities served by our three subprojects.”

As land is lost to urban expansion, finding space for farming is difficult.

Because of this growing problem, Unbound staff in La Paz, Bolivia have implemented an Urban Agriculture Program, which teaches people how to grow crops even in their own tiny backyards.

Ruth Balderrrama, Unbound coordinator for La Paz project, said, “This program is much needed for families because it allows the mother to work from home without having to leave the children.”

Florencia, mother of a sponsored child, raises hens and grows vegetables.

“When you produce eggs and vegetables you don’t have to buy them at the market anymore,” said Florencia. “Now, I don’t have to beg for a few cents just to prepare a soup that didn’t even have the necessary nutrients for my children.”

Saving the planet is an overwhelming challenge, but it’s not out of reach. Even though people in the Unbound sponsorship program have limited access to resources, they’re using what they have in innovative ways to support their families and take steps toward economic sustainability.

Let’s follow their lead.

Unbound is the largest nonprofit in Kansas with more than $ 120 million in annual revenue. Unbound works side by side with people of diverse faiths in 21 countries, bringing people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways.

Unbound distributes direct aid as quickly and efficiently as possible to people who need it. 92.5 percent of Unbound’s expenses go toward program support.


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New Book shares A Doctors Prescription for Longevity and Survival

HAMMOND, La. (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

“An incredible number of people today are overweight, and many of them aren’t aware of many products that are detrimental,” said author Vincent N. Cefalu, Sr., MD. “Most people don’t realize the dangers of physical inactivity and the many dangerous over-the-counter products, environmental hazards and man-made toxins that exist. Furthermore, smokers in general don’t realize exactly how serious tobacco is.”

Inspired by his own success in losing weight along with the insights he gained in having performed over 1,500 autopsies, he pens “A Doctor’s Prescription for Longevity and Survival” (published by Xlibris) to help readers live fuller, healthier lives. In his book, Dr. Cefalu presents the perfect diet plan, along with tips on healthy eating. He unveils the unspoken truth about the dangers of obesity and diabetes, discloses a host of environmental hazards and toxins that should be avoided, and presents his views on energy drinks and dangerous over-the-counter drugs.

In writing this book, Dr. Cefalu strove to ensure that his many recommendations deal with real life situations instead of fantasies. Based on clinical experience and his own experiences with the deleterious consequences of having developed atherosclerotic disease from being over 400 pounds for over 30 years, “A Doctor’s Prescription for Longevity and Survival” presents a thoroughly informative guide to living a long and healthy life.

“A Doctor’s Prescription for Longevity and Survival”

By Vincent N. Cefalu, Sr., M.D.

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 390 pages | ISBN 9781503556416

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 390 pages | ISBN 9781503556423

E-Book | 390 pages | ISBN 9781503556430

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Vincent N. Cefalu, Sr., MD, graduated from Amite High School in 1966. He subsequently received a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology from Southeastern Louisiana College and a medical degree from Louisiana State University in New Orleans, accomplishing the latter in just three short years. He completed a one-year “rotating 0” internship at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge and then moonlighted for many years in emergency rooms all over the state of Louisiana. He eventually held many professional jobs, practiced family medicine for 30 years, and held the position of coroner for 14 years at a midsized Louisiana parish. He is the author of three other books “Achieving So Much With So Little,” “Through a Doctor’s Eyes: Our Problematic System” and “Leveling The Playing Field In Spite of Myself.”

Xlibris Publishing, an Author Solutions, LLC imprint, is a self-publishing services provider created in 1997 by authors, for authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and adopting the latest print-on-demand publishing technology and strategies, we provide expert publishing services with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound and full-color formats. To date, Xlibris has helped to publish more than 60,000 titles. For more information, visit or call 1-888-795-4274 to receive a free publishing guide. Follow us @XlibrisPub on Twitter for the latest news.


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Oporto Fooding House & Wine

Oporto Fooding House & Wine Reviews

125 W Gray Ave
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (52 Reviews)

Review by David T.
Well that was one of the best meals I’ve had in Houston.

Such an eclectic menu, it was hard to stop ordering food! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the…
Rating: 5

Review by Lisa G.
Oporto is a lovely, airy space with a lot of natural light and an open kitchen.

The main menu is comprised of shared plates, but there is a lunch menu of…
Rating: 4

Review by Tim S.
Found this place on yelp and it’s great. The inside was night, it had kind of had a romantic feel but a casual dress type of place.
The food was great and…
Rating: 5

Mobile Social Dining App FoodShootr and Chef Papa Serra, Jr. Announce Eatup Europe Social Dining Event Series In 10 Cities Across Europe

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Eatup Europe” (a culinary exploration and celebration of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Europe in the Spring) will coincide with the launch of FoodShootr’s new social dining mobile app (iOS) and similar events in the US and Canada, and is set to kick-off April 25th in Paris, at an exclusive location, featuring a special menu created and prepared by Chef Papa Serra, Jr. (Joel Bevin).

In what is promising to be unique and entertaining experiences, each individual Eatup will focus on authentic, regional cuisine, and bringing together an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life targeting foodies, locals and the travel and tourism crowd.

The love of food and social dining experiences is something the founders of FoodShootr (based in Toronto with an office opening in New York in May) and Papa Serra Jr. know all too well and share in common. This collaboration between the two was not only an ideal fit, but it also perfectly reflects the new way people around the world are choosing to dine out, explore food and travel. Today, people (particularly millennials) are far less likely to go for the traditional restaurant scene, and are more inclined to seek out alternative, personal food experiences, in unusual settings where they can actually meet and connect with interesting people.

FoodShootr’s new social dining app offers both food event organizers and people looking for interesting, unique food events and to connect with people, the ideal platform to connect with each other and, further, to share their food stories with the community – from event ticketing and marketing, to media sharing, to a listing of various food events for travelers to discover.

Bevin has amassed quite the following as a food rock star for his daring, rule-breaking spin on classic cuisine, where he both honors traditions in food while, at the same time, challenging them with unconventionality (including incorporating the flavors and techniques he acquires during his world-travels). His supper club dining events, which he hosts monthly as Head of Global Community at Eatwith, have easily become the “must attend” events in Barcelona (where he is based) for both locals and tourists.

Together, FoodShootr and Papa Serra Jr. represent the “new food culture” and Eatup Europe will reflect that in every sense. Attendees will be able to RSVP and pay for tickets through FoodShootr, in addition to socializing and sharing photos on the platform, while Bevin creates one-of-a-kind, immersive food experiences. Explains Alexander Perri (Founder and CEO of FoodShootr):

“We’re very excited to be working with Chef Papa Serra Jr. on the launch of FoodShootr’s “Eatup Europe” series. His love, talent and passion for creating unique, fascinating experiences through food, coupled with our passion for connecting people around the world through food (and giving them the tools to share their own food-stories), will make this food event series unlike any other. Eatups are all about the new way people are connecting around food. We’re proud to be a part of that and look forward to meeting foodies across Europe.”

For Bevin, bringing this food event series and his special brand of culinary skills to people across Europe is a natural step in a meteoric career that is showing no signs of slowing down (and will likely accelerate with the upcoming publication of his lifestyle cookbook “Papalosophy”). Rest assured, he has a few surprises in store for Eatup Europe attendees:

“I’m really excited to be helping launch FoodShootr and have some exciting events planned in 10 cities throughout Europe. I’ll be making sure the food is rocking, the locations are exotic, and that people have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Sharing food is the most basic format for connecting with others and FoodShootr makes it possible with their amazing new app and food events like Eatup Europe coming to a city near you soon. Stay hungry my friends!”

Eatup Europe’s scheduled cities include: Paris, Malmö (Sweden), Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, Barcelona

To RSVP to attend the launch in Paris on Arpil 25th, or to attend Eatup Europe in any of the other cities, visit (#eatupeurope)

DOWNLOAD FoodShootr: (iOS)


Founded by Toronto-based entrepreneur, photographer and self-professed foodie Alexander Perri in 2013, FoodShootr is the only mobile-based app that offers people the complete flexibility and tools to create, promote and build a community around any type of food-related gathering anywhere in the world (from professional, ticketed events like supper clubs, popup restaurants, food festivals and tastings, to small, private affairs amongst friends). Features created especially to help food event organizers include ticketing and payments, in-app sponsor promotion, cross-platform marketing including Instagram integration, and the ability to create communities around each individual food event (Eatups). For foodies, travelers and people who are just looking for a unique, fun food experience, FoodShootr helps them to easily find food events and people to connect with globally. FoodShootr is the easiest way to bring people together over a great meal and the perfect platform for people to share their unique food-stories. Currently available on iOS (Android launching May 2015). “FoodShootr and Eatups are all about the new way people are connecting around food. We’re proud to be a part of that and look forward to meeting foodies around the world.” — Alex Perri (CEO)


Based in Barcelona, Joel Bevin (who is also Head of Global Community at Eatwith) brings a fresh global modern approach to traditional Mediterranean flavors inspired by his weekend foraging adventures and global travels. He is acclaimed in culinary circles and in the media for not only being a talented, unconventional chef, but for his food events that draw people from all over the world. His upcoming cookbook (Papalosophy) is the culmination of his gastronomic travels and passions. His cooking style naturally incorporates a healthy lifestyle combining an obsession with vegetables and with creatures from the sea and land. In the kitchen you will find Joel cooking to dark electronic music with a long glass of homemade vermouth. His exquisite food and eccentric social dining adventures are legendary. Learn more about Chef Papa Serra, Jr. at his website:


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Ideal for picnics, potlucks, tailgating parties, and other outdoor events, this bolt-together 30-inch-tall propane patio cart features two 54,000-BTU CSA-certified cast burners–perfect for searing steaks, cooking vegetables, frying chicken, and more. Lis

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