Dubai, well known for its multi-cultural lifestyle , is indeed a pot boiler of various nationalities. This further narrows into several communities within each of these nationalities. All of this boils down to the fact that Dubai boasts of a huge number of cuisines on its menu. The choices and spreads are endless, so to say. A typical weekend in the region is not complete without a hearty meal or two, outside with friends and family. In such a scenario the question most often asked is where to eat? and what to eat?With so many restaurants, snack bars, cafes & fine dining options available making the right choice can indeed be a Herculean task. As the name suggests, the show is all about Eating Out!! If like us you are a self confessed foodie, who lives to eat, then this show is for YOU. The show is about a different cuisine every week and will feature some of the best restaurants for that cuisine in the region. The show features cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mughlai, Mexican, Italian, Iranian, Lebanese, etc. The show will also have handy tips and information on the restaurant being featured like, the best time to go, whether prior reservation is required, dress code, ambience and other services that can be availed. We will not only tell you about the best places to eat, but also throw in our recommendations about some of the must haves & things that can be given a miss.
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