Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

MilitaryRecordsLookup.com is set to launch a guide that will help people understand what military ranks and medals mean when they purchase a report, the company announced yesterday.

“We want to make our reports as meaningful as possible for the average consumer,” a MilitaryRecordsLookup.com spokesman said. “That means we have to find a way to cut through the military jargon and explain the importance of ranks and medals. Otherwise, unscrupulous people could try to con them by making them seem like they mean something they do not.”

The guide will explain the meanings of ranks and medals for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and reserve units, he said.

“Each branch of service has their own rank and medal system,” he said. “What may mean one thing to one branch of service often means something completely different for another branch. Therefore, we need to break down our guide into different branches of service.”

MilitaryRecordsLookup.com will publish the guide in the members’ area of their site, through their social marketing channels, and on their blog, he said.

“The end goal here is to let everyone understand what the significance of ranks and medals actually are,” he said. “It’s part of our overall goal of letting people have as much information as possible at their disposal when evaluating a former service member.”

There will be no additional cost for the guide, he said.

About MilitaryRecordsLookup.com:

MilitaryRecordsLookup.com is a public records database that specializes in providing military records to customers in the United States. Find out information such as discharge status, length of service, medals received, and more. Visit MilitaryRecordsLookup.com today to speak with a live representative, call 1-877-661-6437, or email Support(at)MilitaryRecordsLookup(dot)com with any questions or concerns.

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