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Eats Mesquite Grill

Eats Mesquite Grill Reviews

418 N Sam Houston Pkwy E
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (13 Reviews)

Review by Monica L.
Simple. Affordable. Delicious.
I did get the offer for 8.95 that came with a half pounder burger, seasoned fries and a drink + cheese. After the Easter…
Rating: 4

Review by Raul M.
This place is not far from my job so I come here for lunch every now and then. I almost always get the burger which is not the best but it’s big and a…
Rating: 3

Review by Danny L.
Good place for burgers! The beef patties actually have a distinct and smokey mesquite flavor to them which is awesome (hence the restaurant name!). I…
Rating: 3

Eats Mesquite Grill

Eats Mesquite Grill Reviews

13918 Hempstead Rd
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (26 Reviews)

Review by Jay R.
Best food for lunch time I work near by and live near by so lucky me they deliver

Love the baked potato i highly recommend this place, very generous employees
Rating: 5

Review by Nhi H.
There’s not much of a selection around this area so this is good enough. When you work in Gunspoint, you have to adjust your expectations.

Their menu…
Rating: 3

Review by Hatem S.
Very good food. Place is clean and authentic. Ribeye steak Sandwich is good and huge. Salad bar is very good. But it is not too cheap as the ranking shows.
Rating: 4

Pure Bliss Eats Delivers On Taste & Satisfaction To Health Conscious Consumers

New York (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

Satisfying and tasty are words and thoughts rarely used when meal- planning for your waistline. When tackling the challenge of bringing taste and satisfaction to the health conscious consumer during meal and snack time, Pure Bliss Eats of Rockville Center NY surely delivers.

Pure Bliss Eats is an online health food provider that creates and offers products that combine taste, nutrients, and energy, and does so without harm to body and waistline because products are all natural, served in perfect calorie-managed portions.

Founder, Nicole Culver, is an avid cook and health counselor. She recently put her teaching career aside to focus on a nutritional counseling degree from Integrative Nutrition. After years of creating her own natural, health savvy meal and snack time solutions for her own use due to the lack in the market, she has created to make her health conscious solutions readily available to the public.

In a recent interview, Nicole Culver states, For years Ive been crafting these products for my friends and family because health food products in the market arent all theyre cracked up to be. I believe in a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, but not one without a great taste. I always wanted tasty and readily accessible health-conscious solutions during snack and mealtime. As often is the case, consumers think they are eating something thats good for them based on words like organic or whole, but when you read the nutrition label, its not all necessarily true.

Pure Bliss Eats started with a hungry husband who wouldn’t eat breakfast. On most days of the week, when the creator Nicole got home from teaching, she would retreat to the kitchen, coming up with creative recipes to help her husband eat healthier. Her extremely small Queens kitchen (or cabinet as her sister lovingly referred to it) became her lab as she made friends, family members and even her fourth grade students try her healthy snacks. Nicole became a certified health counselor and baker and followed her bliss all the way to healthy living and the creation of Pure Bliss Eats.

Costumers can choose from a wide array of organic and some gluten free products that include: Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola, Apple Spice Granola, Goji Berry Cacao Granola, Blueberry Chocolate Granola bars, Instant Boost Chocolate Balls, , as well as an array of muffins. and more! Muffin Of The Month Club, allows consumers to receive a monthly delivery of muffins, especially prepared for them by Nicole herself.

Check out our website now and enjoy our ten percent discount! Connect with us on Facebook or twitter and share your bliss! We’d love to hear from you! Learn more about us at – @PureBlissEats – – PureBlissEats(at)gmail(dot)com

If youd like more information, or to schedule an interview please contact Nicole Culver, (855) 502-5477, or email PureBlissEats(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Radical Eats

Radical Eats Reviews

3903 Fulton
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (48 Reviews)

Review by Nicole K.
Terrific food and attentive service. I really enjoyed the tamales and the salsa was fresh and tasty. This is in a bit of sketchy area but who cares – food…
Rating: 4

Review by Lauren T.
EXPENSIVE for brunch! I had sticker shock when it totaled to for two people, especially when I only had water to drink. The worst part was that we…
Rating: 2

Review by U. S.
I came here for the breakfast buffet. It was mostly mexican-inspired (I think) with some items that I could not easily identify (but were great anyway)….
Rating: 4

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